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Hello, everyone, I am Steven R. Yates your current Englewood City Councilman At-Large. I am asking for your vote in the November elections. Here is some info on my guiding principals, what I have accomplished in the past 4 years, and some of what I want to get done in the next 4 years.

Please call my cell 303-720-9817 with any questions you may have, or text me a message.

Basic info of who I am

  • 55 year old family man
  • 30 year resident
  • Business owner in Englewood

Guiding principals

  • Keep our budget balanced.
  • Keep taxes as low as possible while taking care of our community.
  • Find innovative ways to reduce the cost of what we do.
  • Protect property rights.
  • Protect the city assets.
  • Reduce the city’s impact on our environment without increasing the financial burden on our community.
  • Find ways to improve our alleys without increasing our taxes.
  • Preserve our family neighborhoods.
  • Create a city for all ages.
  • Continue to build a city hall where staff is friendly, helpful, and courteous.

My biggest accomplishments during my time in office with the help of the people and other council people:

  • Created a structurally balanced budget for the past 2 years while maintaining our reserves.
  • Built an incredible leadership team that has allowed Englewood to create a culture of service to our community.
  • Reorganized the fire department to save $3 million per year, reduce response time, and deliver more fire fighters, trucks, and equipment to calls. This decision has made Englewood safer and has saved more lives.
  • Made City Council more transparent. Now Englewood is one of the most transparent cities in Colorado with streaming meetings, and online city accounting. You can even have it only show what you want to see.

What I want to accomplish in my next 4-year term:

  • Reclaim the methane from the wastewater treatment plant, and convert it into a usable fuel for sale. Current studies show we can do this with a positive cash flow to our city. No new taxes will be needed to make it happen.
  • Improve our business environment by encouraging a well-balanced business atmosphere of retail, office, manufacturing, and service industries.
  • Continue to increase the quality of life for the people and their families.
  • Make our drinking water better tasting and remove the hardness. If it goes well, we will be able to do it in 2019

Bottom line my goal is to continue creating balanced budgets while making a safe, clean, green, and

vibrant city for all ages.